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18 February 2019Embroidered with Woodbine and Eglantine: Elizabethan Textile Furnishings
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17 February 2020The Rebuilding of the Town of Ypres after its total Destruction in the Great War
16 March 2020Decadence and Dreams: Jewellery from around 190
20 April 2020The Field of Cloth of Gold: 6000 Englishmen in France for 18 Days - how did they do it?

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Embroidered with Woodbine and Eglantine: Elizabethan Textile Furnishings Gill White Monday 18 February 2019

Textiles provided the interiors of Elizabethan aristocratic houses with colour, glamour, texture and symbolism. Now only a fraction survives of the huge collections of textiles that once graced and invigorated Elizabethan mansions and palaces. This talk looks at the designs, techniques and uses of these textiles, as well as subject matter and the Elizabethans’ fondness for decoding hidden messages and devices. The talk is fully illustrated with a range of images including tapestries, bed hangings, cushion covers, wall hangings and table carpets, as well as references from contemporary inventories and paintings.